World wide Group, is a Qatari based closed corporation positioned to become one of the region’s high quality of services, life style and food services provider. In the past five years, Worldwide has distinguished itself as the pioneer of Doha market in providing new concepts to the state; we operate a cookies house, a chocolate bar, and retail brands. In Worldwide we are always assuming to provide a high quality branded services, restaurants, and coffee shop in the Middle East.

Worldwide’s owner “ Sheikh Hassan ben Abdel-azziz ben Hassan Al-Thany” has a market strategy to expand from small franchise reaching to lead the Doha market in the far future, it startes by opening the first cookies house “choowygoowy” in villaggio mall. And the first fast service chocolate fountain bar “Dippingo chocolate bar” in Villaggio, Equestrian Club, Landmark Mall and Gulf Mall.

Corporate Value

  • To preserve our high standards in products and services in all our brands.
  • Integrity – Truthfulness in all our business undertakings beyond reproach.
  • Teamwork builds success, success and profits create opportunities.
  • Respect – Appreciating individuality despite cultural and racial diversity.

Our Mission

To effectively and efficiently meet the demands of consumers, and create the sense of anticipating their needs.

To be professional, highly innovative in serving our customers and giving them more value that they expect, whether measured by price, performance, and/ or quality of service.

Our resource is what our people know. We are committed to the highest level of ethical conduct in everything we do. We help our employees improve their skills, encourage them, treat them fairly, and recognize their accomplishments.

Latest News


Very Soon Choowy Goowy will Relocate It's Location To The New Extension In Villaggio Mall , See You There !


Very soon opening for Shaketastic in Villaggio Mall

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